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Bramble Berry Press 

Bombay Bramble gin with lime juice, sugar and a mix of Sprite and club soda!  a refreshing summer beverage!

Cranberry Orange Margarita!

Gold Tequila and Triplesec shaken with Orange

and Cranberry juices!  Served on the rocks with a brown sugar rim

donovan-cutout flip.png

Ardmore Dew 

3 Olives citrus vodka

w/ Blue Curacao, Pineapple Juice

Topped with Club Soda

in a tall Glass!

Connor's Mule 

Proper No 12 Irish Whiskey

Fresh lime juice and bold Gingerbeer

garnished with lime and mint

in a tin cup!


The Cliffs of Mohr 

Ocean Vodka and Blue Curacao

with a blend of juices

served in a globe Ocean Vodka Glass

Donovan's Dandy Iced Coffee
Jameson Cold Brew Whiskey and Irishman Irish Cream with iced coffee in a tall glass on the rocks with a caramel-Brown Sugar rim!
Cucumber Lime Vodka-rita 
Cucumber lime Vodka and triplesec shaken with Sweet and sour mix  served on the rocks with a salted rim!
Cherry Limeade
Berentzen Cherry liquer and Rondiaz Cherry rum mixed with fresh lime juice and Sprite in a tall glass

Espresso Martini 
Patron XO, Jameson Whiskey, Carolans Irish Cream.  Shaken in a chilled Martini Glass

Four Clovers Coffee  
Jameson and Kahlua.  mixed with fresh Hot Coffee.  Topped with Whipped Cream and Green Creme De Menthe

Four Clover's Irish Mojito 
Jameson Caskmate IPA Irish Whiskey with fresh mint and lime juice. In a tall glass topped with cub soda.  Garnished with a mint sprig and wedge of lime!
Four Clovers Mary 
Absolut Vodka Bloody Mary with a Bacon Salt Rim, Homemade Bloody Mary Mix, and topped with Amazing toppings from Havasu Olive and Garlic company!

Irish Breakfast Shot 
A Shot of Jameson and Butterscotch Schnapps.  Served along side a crispy bacon strip and shot of Orange Juice!  

Irish Car Bomb 
A shot of Jameson and Bailey's Dropped into a glass of Guinness.  Drink this one Quickly!

Irish Cream Float 
Carolan's Irish Cream and Ice cream floating in a 20 ounce Frosty Guinness!
Luck O' The Irish 
Bacardi Superior Rum and Midori Melon Liqueur Shaken with Dole Pineapple Juice and served on the rocks!
Naughty Leprechaun 
X Rated Passion Fruit Liqueur and 3 Olives Raspberry Vodka.  Shaken with Grapefruit juice and layered in a martini glass with Midori Melon Liqueur
Nutty Irishman Martini 
Kahlua, Frangelico, and Carolan's Irish cream  shaken with cream in a chocolate lined , frozen Martini Glass!

Red Zinger 
2 Gingers Irish Whiskey.  Fresh  Lemon and Lime Juice and Bold Ginger Ale served on the rocks!

Shamrock Martini
Vodka, Green Creme De Menthe, White Creme De Menthe and Heavy Cream Shaken  and served in a frozen martini glass lined with Chocolate!


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